Investing in the future to be all that we can be!

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Investing in the future to be all that we can be!

LeBus is always investing in the future by adding new equipment and facilities. By doing so we are able to expand our capabilities and production while also improving the quality of all items manufactured. Although CNC equipment has been around for a while, the uniqueness of the LeBus® groove required programming and special capabilities that weren’t readily available in the beginning. Now that we have the programming among other things figured out LeBus has begun adding CNC machines that are capable of cutting our LeBus® groove and much more.

In November of 2015, LeBus added a Correa Axia CNC 5 axis traveling column milling machine. In addition to being able to cut our LeBus® groove, it also has a table with a 59” vertical reach, 275.5” horizontal span, and a cutting depth up to 59”. We can turn a cylinder (groove or otherwise) up to 60” diameter, and up to 120” long. It also has a 78” rotating table.

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In February of 2016 LeBus added a Weiler E150 CNC precision lathe to our list of lathes. The Weiler E150 lathe has proven its worth, machining LeBus® grooved sleeves and LeBus® grooved drums in significantly shorter times than conventional lathes. The Weiler E150 is capable of turning cylinders up to 59” in diameter and up to 157” in length. On top of that it has a 6-1/2” spindle bore and live tooling.

In September of 2016 LeBus added a Feeler 1300 CNC 5 axis machining center to our arsenal of high quality precision machines. The Feeler 1300 has a 24” x 51.2” work area capable of heights up to 23.6”.

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Now that CNC machines have proven themselves by running the unique variety of parts LeBus produces, LeBus will continue to invest in more machines improving our capabilities and quality for not only our typical products but any other items we can assist our customers with. LeBus is already in the process of adding a Weiler E175 CNC precision lathe that should be in operation by May of this year (2017), a Bullard VTL with CNC turret head and side head that should be in operation by July of this year, and another Correa Axia CNC 5 axis traveling column milling machine with capabilities beyond our current Correa Axia CNC milling machine should be in operation by September of this year.  

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