Continuing to be all we can be!

Continuing to be all we can be!

 As always LeBus is constantly making improvements to better serve our customers. Most recent is the addition of ISO 9001:2015 certification. Not to mention LeBus has also continued to add new and better machinery to improve our capabilities and quality.

 Blog 12-2020 image 1 ISO Certificate

 Most of our customers have learned throughout the years that LeBus provides quality products and services that go beyond customer’s expectations. Even though our quality is already known by most, we have now taken the time to become ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Blog 12-2020 image 2 Axia 55

 Since the first Correa Axia CNC Mill proved its worth so well, LeBus has added another Correa Axia Mill, this time an Axia 55 CNC Mill/VTL. In addition to being able to cut our LeBus® groove, the new Axia has a 118” vertical reach x 144” horizontal, the spindle will travel 59”, and the table will travel 59” back and forth. It has a 98” rotating table that will spin 120 rpms, with a “C” drive that will index the table in 0.01° increments.  We have 3 heads for this machine (Multiple axis U.A.D. with milling head, C.T. head for single point turning, and a 90° head for milling inside hole “Minimum 7”), and a 60-tool magazine.

 Blog 12-2020 image 3 Weiler E175

 When it comes to Lathes, the Weiler E150 that was previously installed performed so well we have now added a Weiler E175 CNC precision lathe and a Weiler E90 precision lathe to our list of machinery. Of course, we made sure the Weiler E175 and E90 can machine LeBus® grooved sleeves and LeBus® grooved drums.  For LeBus grooving along with all other needs, the Weiler E175 can turn cylinders up to 50” in diameter and up to 314” in length. On top of that it has a 6-1/2” spindle bore. This machine is one the largest Weiler E series machine available and can precisely turn anything needed.

 Blog 12-2020 image 4 Weiler E90

 The Weiler E90 can turn cylinders up to 20” in diameter and up to 118” in length. This machine being smaller than the other Weilers has even easier accessibility and therefor easier operation. With the better accessibility and easier operation, it can turn out the jobs it is capable of faster than the larger machines.


Needless to say, if you are looking quality machine work and or fabrication LeBus International is the place to go. If you are looking for any machine work, fabrication, or etcetera, keep LeBus International in mind. There is very little we are not capable of and our capabilities are constantly growing.

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