Diamond Screw for Levelwind Systems

LeBus has been called on to make diamond screws for levelwinds for varied applications where the LeBus
Fleet Angle Compensator would not be practical.

In some applications of spooling wire rope, a Diamond Screw Levelwind would be more suitable than a
Fleet Angle Compensator.

Some of these applications are as follows:

1. Lack of Adequate tension on the wire rope.
2. No fixed sheave to go to and from the Winch drum.
3. In some rare cases, the construction of the wire rope.

Products - Diamond Screw Levelwinds - Image 1
Products - Diamond Screw Levelwinds - Image 2

A Diamond Screw Levelwind consists of:

1. A shaft with a cross thread pattern cut into it (Diamond Screw).
2. A Pawl which fits the shaft to follow the cross thread pattern.
3. A Roller box or Sheave for the wire rope to travel through properly.
4. A gearbox or chain drive system to connect the winch to the Diamond Screw Levelwind, with frame work to bring it all together.

We can furnish the diamond shaft and pawls leaving the mounting, gearing, frame work and assembly to the customer.


LeBus International has the capability to make many styles of specialty sheaves. These sheaves can be small at just a few inches in diameter to very large at up to approximately 12 feet O.D. We can groove the sheave to most all wire rope sizes and in most cases, flame hardening is available. All fabrication, machining, and flame hardening would take place at LeBus. LeBus can provide most any of the common sizes, but if you are specifically looking for something large or something “out of the ordinary”, we can definitely help.

For more information about the LeBus Diamond Screw Levelwinds or about custom sheaves please contact us by phone or through our website.

Products - Diamond Screw Levelwinds - Image 3